Best Halal Pizza in London

Pizza is an epic adventure food. Our world-inspired pizzas allows you to enjoy spectacular flavours with authentic origin in one singular bite. London Pizza Depot prides ourselves on providing Londoners with the best Halal Pizza in London and here are just some of the amazing Halal Pizzas you can experience in our restaurants.

All of our pizzas and wider menu are halal certified.

Halal Pizzas in London

At London Pizza Depot, we have a wide range of pizza options to choose from which are all halal certified, you will want to stop in and try one of these remarkable pizzas today. We are always working to evolve our recipes at both our locations and encourage input from customers on how we can improve our pizzas and our services to our valued customers. These three pizzas certainly top our list of the best halal Pizzas in London, but if you are looking for something different, try one of our tempting sides such as…

Cheesy Garlic Sticks – Our Cheesy Garlic Sticks are made with the same hand made dough we use for our pizzas topped with mozzarella cheese. A side of marinara is the ideal dipping sauce for this simple, yet tasty side treat.

Cheese Wedges – There is nothing more satisfying than watching cheese stretch on a pizza, but at London Pizza Depot, we are not only about a good cheese pull, but putting the right cheese in our cheese wedges for a spectacular side dish. Our cheese wedges are filled with the most delectable camembert cheese you will ever eat.

Garlic Bread Slices – Garlic Bread is a natural paring with many Italian dishes and at London Pizza Depot, we pair our pizzas with Garlic Bread Slices available with cheese or without for your enjoyment.

Wedges – You will eat all of our slightly spicy, but delectable Cajun Spiced Wedges. Our wedges come deep fried to golden perfection with our specialized sour cream dip to take the flavor over the top.

Onion Rings – Who doesn’t love a good onion ring. Our onion rings are the best around and you get 10 with each order.

London Pizza Depot is the place to go for epic pizza and sides to tempt your taste buds with the best halal options, we invite you down to sample the best Halal Pizza in London.