Best gluten-free pizza London

Eating gluten-free is a lifestyle choice for many people, but finding the best gluten-free pizza in London to eat is a necessity for those with celiac disease. We make delicious gluten-free pizza for you to share and enjoy, whether everyone is gluten-free or not!

When looking for the best gluten-free pizza in London, why not try one of these options. Simply mention to our friendly staff that you want your chosen pizza gluten-free when ordering.

Greek Goddess

You can enjoy all the classic Greek flavours on a gluten-free base. Our Greek Goddess includes fresh mozzarella, rich tomato sauce, red onion, feta, black olive and oregano.


American Hot

A classic on any pizza menu, the American Hot is topped with mozzarella cheese, smoky ‘n’ spicy pepperoni, rich tomato sauce and jalapeños for a fiery kick.

Sicilian Sunrise

Relive your last Mediterranean holiday with our warm and mellow Sicilian Sunrise pizza. Toppings include creamy mozzarella, sundried tomato garlic sauce, green pepper, red onion, mushrooms, and an Italian herb combo that will keep you there until the sun pops up.

Bonjour Paris

Tantalise your taste buds with two French favourites: tangy goat’s cheese and sweet caramelised onions. Along with fresh mozzarella cheese and a rich tomato sauce, our Bonjour Paris also has red onion chutney and spinach; this is a winning combination!

Mediterranean Mezze

Our Mediterranean Mezze is perfect if you are looking for a pizza that combines the rich flavours of the Middle East with the warm flavours of the Mediterranean. Melted feta, tangy harissa and sweet balsamic glaze balance perfectly with creamy mozzarella, smoked chilli, chargrilled vegetables and spinach.

Piri Piri Pow Pow

Hot and smokey flavours go together so well on our Piri Piri Pow Wow. Enjoy double Piri-Piri chicken with garlic and sweet peppadew peppers.


Big Easy

Try our Big Easy for a taste of Louisiana! Classic Cajun chicken, salami, green pepper and onion top our rich tomato sauce and mozzarella for a fantastic taste experience.

Kentucky Badass BBQ

If you love southern barbecue flavours, then our Kentucky Badass BBQ is for you! We combine sweet, smoky ‘n’ spicy chicken, turkey bacon, red onion with a hickory-smoked BBQ sauce drizzle.

Mumbai Madness

Choose our Mumbai Madness if you are looking for classic Indian spice flavours. This pizza is piled high with tandoori chicken, fresh mozzarella, rich tomato sauce, and drizzled with tandoori mayo.

Spicy Chicken Tinga

Our Mexican inspired Spicy Chicken Tinga is perfect if you are looking for a hit of smokey ‘n’ spicy chipotle deliciousness. This combination of shredded chicken tinga, red onion, red and green peppers, jalapeno and red chilli with a spicy, fruity sauce drizzle.

Don’t forget to order any of our delicious options listed above on our tasty gluten-free pizza base. Our gluten-free pizza range is so mind-blowingly tasty that even your non-gluten-free friends won’t be able to tell the difference!

Why not add a delicious dip, such as garlic and herb or our smokey chipotle ketchup to go with your gluten-free pizza.