We want to be straight up about our food, so you can safely and happily tuck in. Here we explain about allergens for people with food intolerances and allergies – and our ingredients for those on special diets.


We want you choose confidently from our menu when you have a food allergy or intolerance. So we’ve put together this chart to explain the allergens in our food:

Gluten              Nuts                 Fish

Wheat              Celery              Molluscs

Soya                Mustard            Crustaceans

Egg                  Sulphur             Sesame seeds

Peanut              Milk                  Lupin

All our pizzas are cooked in a kitchen that comes into contact with gluten, milk, soy and nuts. So, although we do everything possible to avoid cross contamination, there might be traces of these in our food.

Gluten-free base

Our gluten-free base is prepared in an environment where there’s gluten. That means, although we take proper care to avoid cross contamination, it’s not suitable for coeliacs. If you have any worries, please talk to our in-store team before ordering.


Our vegan options use 100% vegan ingredients. However, they might be stored or handled alongside meat or dairy products. If you’re worried about contamination, please chat to our in-store team and they’ll be happy to talk you through the process and limit the risk as much as possible.


You can rest assured that our food abides by halal values. Our meat toppings are halal (you can see the certifications if you ask) and our non-meat ingredients are all suitable for vegetarians.



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